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Mar 14, 2011

Waiting for the Crops to Come In at Harvest Restaurant

We were greeted at the door by a harried and disheveled attendant that rushed us to a back booth and slapped the menus down on the table.  Hey, no problem yet - they’re busy, I get it.  Some of my favorite places are back-country diners with sassy servers and greasy cooks.  A guy comes over with water and lets us know he’ll be right back.

We looked over the menu for ten minutes, discussed weekend plans, and talked about other patrons.

                “So, honey – I thought you might like this little place.  You know Gwyn and I came here that afternoon and we really liked the food.” I state to pass the time.

                Perusing the menu, my husband discovers – “Looks like they have breakfast all day – no wonder you liked it.”

                “Yeah, you know I’m a sucker for that. Maybe we should have snuck in an order while we had him.”  I anxiously scan the floor.

“Its fine – he’s just catching up and will be back soon. They have quite the eclectic menu.”

“What cha thinking about having?”

“BLT and soup or maybe the pulled pork.”

Well, I’m thinking about either an omelet or a half sandwich and soup or a wrap. But you know, the hotdog sounds amazing too.  He’s taking so long I keep changing my mind!”  I say like a little kid who wants to taste everything.

I notice my husband looking annoyed and starting to get really frustrated.  It has been a full twenty minutes at this point. I notice our server clearing tables and grabbing checks.  And no, he did not forget us; he has looked directly at us a couple of times.

“Look, we can leave if you like – I just thought you’d like it and wanted to try it again.  It’s fine if you want to leave.”

“This is ridiculous.  Explain to me how places can operate like - It just pisses me off!  I can’t take this anymore – let’s go.” My husband fumes.

He stands up and throws down the menu as I follow behind like a wounded puppy.  I take responsibility because it was my suggestion.  He rarely has time off to enjoy lunch with me – even on the weekends.

When I came with my friend a few months back we were seriously like the only ones in the restaurant which, obviously, did not represent the service aspect.  But, at that time, I did really enjoy the food.

I doubt I’ll go again, which is a shame – because I did like the menu.

Oh well, check that one off the list. There are far too many wonderful lunch stops around the Valley to deal with such inadequacy.
If you’re willing to wait for the actual harvest to come in – then, by all means, take your chances at Harvest Restaurant in North Scottsdale at 7615 E Pinnacle Peak Rd.


Enjoy your visit to!

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