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Mar 15, 2011

A Little Lush can go a Long Way

  There sits a tiny little lush burger in North Scottsdale that is super cute – it is the entire reason we stopped in for a bite.  Everything about this place is adorable – from the red leather and cow-hide backed bar stools to the dishware and the stylish patio area.  Think ultra modern meets Southwest chic.  The first thing that caught my eye upon entering (after the décor) was the red velvet cupcakes in a glass covered cake dish front and center.  

I had a philly burger – skinny style with giardinara peppers on the side.   It was cooked perfectly and the hot peppers were a nice touch to the usually tasteless provolone.  To their own admission the burgers are: ”…single-sourced, certified all natural, harris ranch beef. no hormones. no additives. no hanky panky. naturally lushious. and nothing but.” – as stated on the menu. 

My dining mate had a chinese chicken salad that I also tasted and it was good.  Ingredients in the salad were par for the course – but the real magic lies in the dressing.  They nailed it.  Yummm.   

You can add several substitutions and amendments to the burgers – which I like.  And the option of a fried egg has always been a favorite for me.  I witnessed a plate of wings at expo and they looked awesome – although they don’t actually have wings – xl drummies only. 

Next visit – I’m all over the truffle fries w/ truffle oil, parmesan and sea salt.  I’m also a sucker for a good cobb salad and it intrigues me that they pair the salad with a mustard seed vinaigrette.  Not to mention- I’ll have to commandeer a partner in crime to try the desserts, shakes, and malts. 

The bartender/manger was engaging, energetic, and knowledgeable.  The owner came in while we were there – though you would not have known it (I observed and asked – At first thought I considered he might be a repairman for some kitchen equipment).  He was outfitted in rancher-cowboy attire, a tad dirty, and arrived driving a sports car.  (The last part threw me.)

Further intrigue spurred further conversation.  Turns out the owner wants to franchise…And actually, some of the hottest opportunities for franchise lie not in building an empire of restaurant sites but having one really great flagship store to standardize.  Perhaps he will have the opportunity to do so, who knows.      

The only thing I did find odd was that they had a hostess – with no stand – just holding menus at the door as a greeter.  The place was so small that I really did not see a need for this – but, my visit was in the lull of a weekday afternoon.  

Burgers are $ 8 to $10 and Salads are $7 to $10. Sides are $2 to $5. 

Hope you go enjoy this little gem of a place.    I actually really like the description on their website as well. 

18251 North Pima Road · Scottsdale, AZ  85255 480.686.8908
Open daily 11am-9pm


Enjoy your visit to!

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